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The cold climate forces to double the calorie intake (3500 daily), especially if outdoor work is done. In each base the diet is determined by the customs of the country of origin and by the available food.

In general, it is abundant and varied, although scarce in fresh foods (fruits and vegetables).

The feeding in permanent bases and in ships is quite similar and depends on the skill of the cook to conjugate the necessary calories, the good flavor and the variation in the different dishes. In the camps, life in the open requires an even higher caloric intake. It usually consists of a big breakfast before leaving for work, light food and hot drink on the ground, and a hearty dinner when you return. The list of available foods includes: white and red meats, fresh and canned vegetables, such as potatoes, onions, etc. Dairy products and cold meats are also available. In order to prepare your food, you will have liquid or gas fuel, and portable kitchen. Getting water can force melting ice or snow, but in certain areas and in summer it is possible to obtain it in a liquid state in small streams or lagoons.

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