The discover of the largest colony of penguins in Antarctica

A large number of Adélie penguins have been found in the Danger Islands in the Weddell Sea in eastern Antarctica. It is a place you can hardly reach and it has rarely been visited.

The islands have long been known to have penguins, but their numbers remained a mystery until satellite images revealed the huge size of the colonies: over 1.5 million Adélie penguins.

In eastern Antarctica and Danger Islands, Adélie penguins have good living conditions. The ice lasts much longer, making the area friendlier for these penguins.

In contrast, Adélie penguin colonies in western Antarctica are declining due to the impact of climate change and human activity.

Other penguins also face an uncertain future. Researchers have warned that king penguins could disappear from Antarctica by the end of the century if climate change continues.

[Photo from Unsplash]

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