Antarctica: the only continent coronavirus-free

Since the first cases were reported in China at the end of last year, the coronavirus pandemic has spread around the world, infecting millions of people around the globe. However, there is one continent that Covid-19 has not reached: Antarctica.

Keeping the coronavirus out on this continent has not been an easy task, given that Antarctica is now in the middle of summer, the time of year when the number of scientists and military staff is at its highest level.

In total, there are about 80 bases in Antarctica, which usually keep about 5,000 people from countries such as the United States, Chile, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Spain and China.

Researchers are trained to live in isolation and follow public hygiene rules and health protocols to fight diseases indoors.

The increased social distance eliminated the few friendly meetings that researchers normally enjoyed, without sport and skiing events.

[Photo from Pixabay]

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