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Among the many proposals offered by tourism in Antarctica, one of the favorites is to depart from the Port of Ushuaia and cross the Drake Passage to Antarctica, located 1000 kilometers from the city of Tierra del Fuego, which is approximately 2 days of navigation. You will enter in this magical territory to witness a landscape so wonderful and different from anything that has been seen before.

There are many options for trips to Antarctica depending on the excursions and itineraries that are chosen, as well as the availability of time. Even so, it is not recommended to travel for less than 10 days, since it is the minimum time necessary to be able to really enjoy this destination. It is also not advisable to travel for more than three weeks, since weather conditions can become difficult to tolerate.

During your trip to Antarctica you will have the possibility to visit both the Peninsula and the Subantarctic Islands, which includes Georgias del Sur, Sandwich and Orcadas del Sur – and even an unusual semi-circumnavigation route that ends in a continent other than Oceania.

It is not possible to travel on any type of boat. Each vessel has different capacity, some of them can only carry a maximum of 30 or 40 passengers and there are others that can carry up to 300 passengers. In addition, each vessel varies in the type of trip it offers. Some vessels offer luxury trips and others more modest and simple, but all offer the possibility of unleashing adventure and fun.

Do not wait any longer and make your reservations to go on a trip to Antarctica and live one of the most fantastic and amazing experiences of your entire life. There is a boat waiting to offer you the trip of your dreams for Antarctica.

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